Bonny Sullivan – Centre Manager

Our Centre Manager of the service is Bonny Sullivan, whom holds her Advanced Diploma in Children Services and has worked in the industry for 11 years. During this time, Bonny has experienced and had the opportunity to work with all age groups as well as previous experience in management and is always looking to extend on her knowledge in the child care industry.

Bonny leads a team of caring and dedicated professionals and will ensure that they will give the highest quality of care, where all children will learn, develop and grow. Bonny also leads a team of compassionate and loving Educators where your children well feel secure and safe within their care.

We believe that every family member, child, and educator is a unique individual, bringing a variety of skills, knowledge and understanding related to that person’s unique experience of life. We will value that uniqueness and nurture future growth through accepting the individual, recognising interest areas, developing respectful interactions, supporting ongoing learning, offering inclusive programs and promoting collaboration, and most importantly we love to see each unique individual learn, develop and grow at their pace.

The Centre has the tick of approval with the Kindergarten funded curriculum with an experienced Early Childhood Teacher implementing the Queensland Curriculum. Our Kindergarten will prepare your 3-5 year old with the necessary skills required for a smooth transition to prep.

Nursery Rooms
0 – 15 months

Our Nursery is licenced for children aged 0-15 months old and caters for up to 8 children each day.

The educators in the Nursery are very welcoming and make all families and children comfortable. Our nursery educators are very experienced and follow the same routine the children have at home so all their care is individual and specific.

Our program in the nursery ensures that the children are developing to the best of their ability with planned and spontaneous, child initiated activities with both indoor and outdoor play offered throughout the day.

Families are encouraged to call throughout the day or spend time with their child/ren in the room.

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Junior Toddler Room
15 months – 2 years

Our Junior Toddler room is licenced for 10 children a day aged 15 months to 2 years.

Our Toddlers are always on the go so our program is based around their individual likes. Children are able to choose a lot of their activities and are offered a lot of art / sensory activities and outdoor learning experiences.

We like to focus on language and communication skills. The educators know each and every family and ensure there is daily communication so families know how their child’s day was. The educators also take great pride in the appearance of their room and like to make it aesthetically pleasing for all.


Senior Toddlers Room

Our Senior Toddlers Room caters for 14 children a day aged 2-3yrs.

This group of children like to sing a variety of songs and hold puppet shows. Their play is spontaneous and self initiated with a few planned activities each day.

The educators in this room like to encourage children with toileting, independence and self-esteem. They participate in quite a lot of “Belonging” activities and like to help each other with tasks throughout the day. Parents are always invited to join in story time or come in for a visit throughout their child’s stay.

Pre-Kindergarten Room

Our Pre-Kindergarten room caters for 19 children.

The focus is always preparing the children for Prep therefore we spend a lot of our time learning shapes, colours, numbers and letters. We practice writing our names and picking our name out amongst other words. Children in this room are encouraged to use their thinking skills to resolve conflict in readiness for “Big School”.

The educators in the Pre-Prep room encourage children to pack away their belongings in their bags as they would have to do at school. The children like to role play and pretend they are the teachers and this is encouraged as the children are using social skills that they need to progress through the year. Parents are encouraged to participate in our room program and offer any input they may have. Children are offered a variety of activities to ensure all areas of development are covered and everyone is well prepared for the transition to school.


Kindergarten Room

Our Kindergarten room is where we really focus on independence and social skills. Children are given a “buddy” for their first week at 1 2 3 4 Kids. This “buddy” helps show the new child around their room and initiate friendships.

The kindergarten educators like to get the children prepared for the Pre-Prep room by starting on recognizing shapes, numbers and letters. Children in this room enjoy dress up and role playing and are encouraged to use their imagination in their play.

Our Kindergarten room is licensed for a maximum 24 children per day.

1-2-3 4 Kids Pre-Kindergarten Room uses the same curriculum guidelines as the local primary school to ensure that the children are school ready for their first step into Primary School.